Buy Cheap And Effective HTC Distribution Online

It is said that has launched a free Distribution program for HTC owners who are having reception problems with the popular new smartphone.

Recent HTC “signal gate” has provoked much discussion, the final solution was actually to HTC put on mobile phone sets on the line, really is the phone sets of it? Are there a customized set of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in China?

set up a Web page and a specialized HTC app that tells HTC owners how to get a free protective Distribution known as a bumper, which encircles the metal antenna band that surrounds the HTC’s outer edge. The HTC Distribution Program applies users to download a special application from Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases ‘s App Store to get a free Distribution. In addition to enabling users to select rubber bumpers, also offers users a choice of several plastic Distribution from third-party vendors.

HTC owners must sign in with an ID to get access into the Distribution selection, and once a Distribution or bumper has been chosen, the app no longer allows you to evaluate the Distribution. In other words, the customers must choose wisely, since it doesn’t looke like they’ll have a chance to change the order after they make a decision.

Today’s move comes a week after CEO Steve Jobs led an unusual news conference to explain why the HTC appears to have reception problems when held a certain way and to offer free Distribution to HTC owners. That event, held at ‘s headquarters Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cover last Friday, highlighted reception “problems” of several smartphones from other vendors, with Jobs stressing that all of them have reception or signal issues of some sort.

The HTC is offered in 16GB and 32GB models for $199 and $299, respectively. And, according to ‘s online store, an HTC bought today isn’t expected to ship for three weeks.

Performance Comparison of sections of mobile phone sets 

Original Distribution about 400 yuan, a lot more expensive, effective

Silicone Distribution about 30 yuan, cost-effective, it has a certain effect

Plastic Distribution about 20 yuan, easy to crack, the general effect

leather Distribution 60-80 yuan, easy to damp, the effect is not obvious